Hi Peeps,

As you are probably aware we are releasing a YA novel in a few days. It’s a genre we’ve wanted to write in for a while but the timing was never right. I guess the desire festered beneath our skin for so long that one day it just burst forth in the form of Jamie Cassidy.

‘No worries,’ she said. ‘I’ll do it, I’ll write the YA stories for you,’ she grinned disarmingly and we melted.

How could we resist that impish twinkle in her eye, or that cute dimple in her cheek. We handed the task over to her and a few months later, here we are.

Hawthorn is ready and about to be unleashed and we wanted to introduce you to the persona responsible for it.  Welcome Jamie!

Jamie: Hi everyone, so good to finally be able to speak out. I’m mega nervous and super excited about the release of Hawthorn and I’ve already begun sketching out the sequel…I’m pretty sure I’m going to call it Rowan. Anyway, I had a look around this blog and its lovely and cosy but I like my space a little more closer to nature so…um…Amos, Cassidy, you think I can get my own space?

Amos: *glances and Cassidy who nods* Sure, we’ll set you up your own blog.

Jamie: *Claps her hands together* Yay! I have so many ideas, I can’t wait to get started. I’ll let you all know my address when I move and you can come visit me and sign up to my newsletter. In the mean time, please check out Hawthorn and let me know what you think once you’ve read it. I love feedback good or bad, it’s all food for thought.

Cassidy: Well thats all for today peeps. Remeber for updates on Crimson Chaos and other books and Amos Cassidy news click on the Newsletter link on the tab bar above and sign up for the newsletter.

Amos: Speak soon!

About amoscassidy

Hello, we're Amos Cassidy, a pair of budding writers with imaginations that won't quit and a bunch of stories waiting to be told. So we write, one tale at a time. Come peek into our heads, yeah, its a little cluttered but by no means boring. We hope you enjoy your visit. Amos Cassidy

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