Cindy J Smith

Hello, Cindy J Smith 🙂

Welcome to the blog today…

Here is the interview…


1. When did you first start writing poetry? 

I have written poetry as long as I can remember.  My sister says I used to change songs and poems since I was about 3.


2. Do you have a schedule or do you write whenever inspiration strikes? 

I write when the voices tell me to write.  I would never be able to schedule it.  Forcing a poem is very hard for me.


3. What inspires you? 

I find inspiration everywhere, music, nature, things I read or hear, and even by request.  All of a sudden, things just click and I have a poem in my head.


4. How long did it take you to put together your latest poetry book? 

The entire process took me about 1 year.  Writing, editing, and deciding to actually publish it.


5. Do you have a favourite poem?

Rime of the Ancient Mariner.


6. What are your reading habits? 

I read lots of different genres.  I prefer horror but I am branching out.   I try to read about 5 books a week. 


7. What advice would you give to other poets out there who are thinking of self publishing their work? 

I was reluctant to do it, but I am glad I did so my advice is have your work edited.  The small changes I made to my work did make all them flow much smoother.  It also let me see that sometimes what I thought I said, I did not really!



8. Who is, or are, your favourite poet(s)? 

Dr. Seuss and William Blake


9. Okay some quick fire questions. Don’t think to hard just answer.


Super Villain or Super Hero? 

Super Hero


Ice-cream or chocolate?

Chocolate Ice-cream, lol


Damsel or Dominatrix?



Underwear or commando?



Beach or the Alps?



Edward Cullen or Lestat?



Keep the One Ring or throw it in Mount Doom?

Toss it


Audio or Paperback?



Horror or Romance?



Phew! Okay that was fun!   

Yes it was and thank you very much for having me!












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  1. Thank you for having me!

  2. jeannette joyal

    great interview my friend!!

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