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So what’s happening now?

Hello reader!

We’ve been a little on the quiet side recently so we apologise for that but hope you will forgive us once we tell you the silence has been due to the fact that we are working hard on two novels. Yep you heard us! Two books at the same time. Now, we’ve never attempted this before as we usually only have the focus for one project at a time but in this instance we were torn. There were two stories that needed to be told and we dithered. We pondered and we discussed and in the end we decided that we could and would work on both.  So, what books are we working on? Well, you all must surely be familiar with The Rain and Jake’s story by now and we are working on the second installment of his tale. It will be scary and creepy and exciting and…well you get the picture. The second project is hush hush as it is something that we have never tried before so we are going to keep that one quiet just for now. Promise to tell you more soon though!

Okay, ‘me’ time is over now and I have to dash – kids to feed and toddlers to run after – but  will be back soon with more updates and news from the Amos Cassidy realm.


Keep reading peeps!





Amos’s Album Playlist Volume 3…

Hello! 🙂

And here is volume 3…

The Playlist:


  • Protection by Massive Attack
  • Bending the Dark by The Imagined Village
  • Biophillia by Bjork
  • The Sensual Word by Kate Bush
  • Hat Full of Stars by Cyndi Lauper
  • In a Lifetime: The Best of Clannad by Clannad
  • The Promise by Bruce Springsteen

See you next week! 🙂

Amos’s Album Playlist – Volume 2

Hi! 🙂

Bit late posting this, but here it is – the second musical volume 🙂

The Album Playlist – Vol 2:

  • Low by David Bowie
  • MDNA by Madonna
  • Station to Station by David Bowie
  • Heroes by David Bowie
  • Confessions on a Dancefloor by Madonna
  • The Next Day by David Bowie
  • The Hawk is Howling by Mogwai

Stay tuned for volume 3 at the weekend! 🙂

Bye for now! 🙂

Amos’s Album Playlist – Volume 1

Hello! Amos here 🙂

When I work, do the housework or chill out, I love having music on. It relaxes me, inspires me and gets me busting moves around the house 🙂 So, for fun, I thought I’d share what albums I’ve been listening to every week – posting every Saturday on here, calling each week’s album playlist a Volume rather than writing down dates etc. Welcome to Volume 1 🙂 Okay, on to this week’s  Playlist/Volume… 🙂

Amos’s Album Playlist – Volume 1:

  • Pre-Millennium Tension by Tricky
  • Blue Lines by Massive Attack
  • Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
  • False Idols by Tricky
  • Not Your Kind of People by Garbage
  • Nearly God by Tricky
  • Blowback by Tricky
  • Sun by Cat Power

See you next week! 🙂




Cassidy’s Back!

And here is a message from Cassidy…


Okay, so I’ve been AWOL for some time now, leaving Amos to hold the fort while I got rounder, more pregnant and more irritable. But thank goodness the pregnancy is now over and I have been blessed with a lovely baby boy 🙂

The worst thing about being pregnant was that I completely lost my writing and reading mojo 😦 I remember thinking that I would never get it back and that  Book Three was doomed to remain a dream, but thank goodness I was wrong. A day after giving birth, and despite the exhaustion from lack of sleep, I could not stop thinking about Book Three in the Crimson Series. My fingers are itching to get back to the keyboard and back into the story; and my brain is teeming with ideas 🙂

So here I am, back from my sabbatical, ready to ease myself back into writing. It’s going to be a challenge, after all I have a new baby and five-year-old to take care of, but I am determined to do it.

Thank you, Amos, for keeping things ticking in my absence and thanks in advance for all the help and support I know you will be giving me; after all, you are the now a Godfather 😉

Signing off for now,

Cassidy xxx


Amos: YAY! 🙂 Welcome back, Cassidy. And, in advance, you’re very welcome, luv 😉 Thanks so much for choosing me to be Godfather. Yay! And MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to you again 🙂 xxxx

ROLL ON CRIMSON 3!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Most Eagerly Anticipated Books 2013

Hello 🙂

So here we are, a new year and that means new books coming out. YAY! 🙂  Below is a list of the books we are eagerly anticipating this year – we are VERY excited about these! And this is just books we are aware of at present. When we hear of more to salivate over, we will update our list 🙂


Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Lover At Last by J.R Ward

Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler


What are your most eagerly anticipated books of 2013?

Amos and Cassidy xxx






Here comes part 2 in our Resident Evil 6 Experience. This isn’t a review or anything like that – although we busted out the gold stars because gold stars are cool. It is simply a series of thoughts/a brief summary 🙂

Amos played as Leon. S. Kennedy.

Cassidy played as Helena Harper.

So we’ve finished the Leon and Helena. Woo Hoo! Holy s**t that was some crazy zombie fun! And bloody hard in places with more puzzle-based action woven in. It was also very creepy in some parts.

Cadbury’s Fabulous Chocolate Fingers saw us through to the end, aiding us in the epic battle. We highly recommend them 🙂

As before, we had a great time playing it – minus a certain rope climbing section! Gameplay, graphics and all that good stuff were as fabulous as always. But its the story that’s blowing us away. We’re partial to a rockin’ story line, and this game has one spilling out like zombie juice after taking a bullet to the head. Its brilliant! More was revealed, more of what is going on opened up and caused lots of “AH” “AHA!” “OH!” “BLIMEY!”

5 glorious GOLD stars  from us!

One last thing – Leon is very yummy indeed. He’s hot, hot, HOT! 🙂

Okay, now we move on to Jake and Sherry’s campaign. YAY! Love this game!

Bye for now!

Amos and Cassidy 🙂


All work and no play makes Amos Cassidy… Okay, lets not go to extremes. But we all need play time in order to function properly through this journey called life.

As much as our work time is considered by us to be fun – writing is the coolest – we both need some A.C.D.T. aka Amos Cassidy Down Time 🙂

And so, while we soldier ahead with Crimson 3, we also soldier on with the soldiers/heroes/warriors/defenders of humanity who make up the world of Resident Evil 6.

To say we were excited about the release of this video game would defo be an understatement. Throw in “incredibly”, “joyfully”, “hungrily” and you’re getting closer. We prefer to liken our excitement to us being a pair of zombies, salivating over a nice fresh, live, human with a skull holding a big juicy encyclopedic brain just waiting to be devoured by us ravenous pair of undead bitches! MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That brain is Resident Evil 6 and we have devoured a nice juicy chunk of it! Man, its one tasty morsel!

Anyway, lets move away from the Zombification of Amos and Cassidy and move on to our experience playing the game.

This is part one.


The first campaign we played was  Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans . Amos was Chris, Cassidy was Piers.

Holy s**t! What an awesome, action-packed campaign! It was breathless from start to finish. We loved how we were always kept on our toes throughout, and that ammo was sparse. It makes for a more interesting and intense gaming experience. Running out of ammo being surrounded by lots of crazies wanting to kebab you is scary, heart-pounding and so bloody satisfying when you succeed on getting out of the situation. In a nutshell, game play was 5 sparkling stars!

Graphics and all the visuals are also 5-stars!

Okay, now on to the story. Well, we won’t talk about the plot because we don’t want to spoil it too much. However, there will be a little spoilery bit so don’t look at this next bit below in the brackets if you want to go in completely fresh…

[We are both still emotionally traumatized by the Chris and Piers story line. Something was brewing away between them, something called romance. It was not bromance, it was romance. You play it and see! There were some moments where we thought they would kiss! It was amazing!]

HELLO! Avoiding the brackets? Come here, don’t look up. Keep going down…

So there you have it. Our Resident Evil 6 Experience so far. Stay tuned for part two. It’s Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper next. We are two very excited zombies, err… people… brains… brain…. brains… URGGGHHHHHHH!



Chris Redfield is so hot! He can scoop us up in his big manly arms any time! Yummy! 🙂


Hello 🙂

While we drank coffee and chin-wagged through the morning, we started a thread of conversation about books we adore so very much and would just love to read all over again. Here they are:


This incredible Urban Fantasy set in Dublin totally blew us away. Its got action, mystery, humour, romance, sex and fabulous pink nail polish! And Mr. Jericho Barrons is one steamy-hot, yummy piece of man candy who’s presence always makes the temperature in the room soar! 

The Fever Sequence:

1. Darkfever

2. Bloodfever

3. Faefever

4. Dreamfever

5. Shadowfever



Whoa! This Dystopian thriller trilogy was amazing. There are so many twists and turns, shocks and devastations. It left us breathless!

The Hunger Games Sequence:

1. The Hunger Games

2. Catching Fire

3. Mockingjay



Kate Daniels is a no-nonsense, kick ass mercenary in a future Atlanta where magic and technology collide. And Curran is the very sexy male who you just want to step out of the book and snuggle down right beside you…well, not just snuggle 😉

The Kate Daniels Sequence:

1. Magic Bites

2. Magic Bleeds

3. Magic Strikes

4. Magic Bleeds

5. Magic Slays

6. TBA! (Can’t wait!)



Fabulous epic horror novel! Scary stuff and a gripping story!



Neil Gaiman is one of our very favourite writers. His imagination is truly incredible and this story about a graveyard bringing up a child is just brilliant. Magical!



Another fantastic novel by Stephen King. Chilling, breathtaking and a true masterpiece in suspense. Did we mention chilling? Annie Wilks…YIKES!



A wonderful epic by the wonderful Mr. Gaiman.


Okay, now its your turn. Tell us..what books would you love to experience all over again?

Amos and Cassidy x x x


Hi 🙂

Had a meeting today to discuss the second half of Crimson 2. Book cover is being designed, things are all going well. Got another meeting coming up for the…GRAND FINALE! Well, the grand finale of book 2 anyway to set things up for book 3 🙂

Amos met up with Paul Mooney, our cover artist, on Friday evening to discuss what we would like done for the cover of Book 2.  We have got a clear idea of who will be on the cover and are really excited to see the final result.

We’ve decided to give ourselves some R and R soon by having an X Box night. Bust out the Gears of War or maybe some zombie action in Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil…

Ta-ra for now!

Amos Cassidy xxx