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Tainted Snow

The second volume in the Tales from Beyond the Veil Series…


Princess Snow is adored by her people, her gentle and delicate nature means that she is spoken of with love and respect throughout the Kingdom of Crystal. Even her voracious sexual appetites do little to besmirch her name; all they do is make her human, relatable. Her life would be perfect if she wasn’t living in the magnificent shadow of her step-mother the Queen.

The Queen’s distaste for Snow is also a well-known fact, and the tortures she puts Snow through are many and varied. Her her distaste morphs into something more dangerous when Prince Zale – the Prince of Seas – chooses Snow over her. The Queen’s resulting actions set the course for a destruction that will leave little standing in its wake.

Will Snow find happiness, or will the curse placed upon her destroy her completely?

Riding Red – New Release!

Riding Red cover final



Scarlett lives with fear and disappointment – fear of what her step father wants from her, and disappointment in her mother for failing to see it. Her life is lonely and filled with darkness, her only sanctuary is the forest behind her small cottage. It is here that she finally steps off the path and encounters Red. 

Red is larger than life, solid and real and enticing. He is a man of little words, preferring action to speech and she is instantly drawn to him. 

In a small shack in a clearing in the forest Scarlett will find a new home, a passion unlike any other and a secret that will change her world forever. 

Scarlett will never be the same again.