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Ariana Browning Interview

Welcome to the blog, Ariana Browning 🙂

Here is the interview…


1. When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Was there a single moment of clarity or did the knowledge just creep up on you?


I think I’ve always had an affinity for writing, but it was based more for short stories and poetry, over full-length novels. I had something happen to me a while ago that forced me to shift my priorities. I lost everything. To help me through it, I wrote. It was then, about 5-8 years ago that it really hit me: Maybe I could do this for a living. I went with that gut feeling that said: do it.


2. Tell us about your writing schedule. Do you write everyday? At the weekends? Or like me – whenever you get the chance?


I write on the weekends. I am going to try and slowly incorporate a few minutes here and there Monday through Friday, but I’ve found Saturday and Sunday are best for me. I can sit down, blast music, and not worry about pretty much anything. A solid 8-10 hours of writing each of those days, sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on life.


3. What inspires you?


Everything. Little things. Big things. Life. What inspires me to write is the ability I have to give others the same feeling I get from books I love. That’s why I love to hear from my fans, and make it a priority to let them know my door is always open to them. I love to see images that they pictured while reading the books, read quotes and bits that they loved most. All of it. They inspire me.


4. Where did you get the idea for your latest novel – how was it born?


Most of my books come from dreams. I am currently writing 3 novels, and going to be incorporating another into the mix. Two of them were dreams that stuck with me. One of them came from another book I’d wrote previous, and it’s just a continuance. I didn’t know where I wanted the story to head so I kept writing. Then thought of a great place to take it. Normally I don’t do it that way, but luckily it worked.


5. If you could choose any book in the world to have written which one would it be and why?


The dictionary. No idea why, but it sounds fun and was the first I thought of, haha.


6. If you could be any character from a book who would it be and why?


Maybe one of my own characters. May is from a series I’ll put out eventually (once I can edit it and figure out a title). She finds out she’s a sorceress and though she’s thrust into a whole new world, and has many enemies thrown at her from out of nowhere, she’s feisty and manages to deal. Overall she’s a strong female, while still maintaining her ladylike charms . . . like tripping on magical doors. She’s also intelligent. Love those type of characters.


7. What advice would you give to other writers out there who are thinking of self publishing their work?


It’s possible and fulfilling. If you like the ability to control every aspect, down to your covers, that’s the route for you. I think self-publishing is getting a bad rap because of those who don’t treat it like a business. They rush the editing, or don’t edit, just to say they are a published author. They shove the books down your throat just to stay in the top spots, even if the book isn’t that good.


Treat it like the business it is. Put no less than the best work you can, into it. Don’t rush the process. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just go back and fix them. It’s not as hard as some try to make it believe. One step at a time and you’ll figure it out. That and edit. Learn how to do it. Find good people to help you that know their stuff, and take the time to truly edit your work. Again, don’t be in a rush. Quality takes time. Even with the advancements of this world, it still takes time before you see results, unless you are the rare exception. At least 2-3 years. You have time. Never stop learning about it, either.


8. Who is, or are, your favourite author(s)?


Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Keri Arthur, Anne Rice, Robert Greene, to name a few.


9. Do you write for a specific genre or do you like to dabble in several?


I write whatever hits me. Generally it’s horror, fantasy, or supernatural/paranormal with elements of romance. I have written a Suspense (Always Consequences) and no doubt will write others. I have many that I’ve started, but never finished that are Suspense-oriented. It’s only about the story for me, not the genre.


10. Okay some quick fire questions. Don’t think to hard just answer.


Super Villain or Super Hero?




Ice-cream or chocolate?


Chocolate. Can’t believe that’s a question.


Damsel or Dominatrix?


Dominatrix. I’m too impatient to wait for saving. And my sarcastic dry wit wouldn’t cut it as a Damsel.


Underwear or commando?


Well hello there. Now we’re getting personal. Underwear.


Beach or the Alps?


Beach. Love the scent of the salty air, the wind, the sounds of the waves.


Edward Cullen or Lestat?


Lestat. Yum. Oh, distracted a bit. Moving on.


Keep the One Ring or throw it in Mount Doom?


Keep. Woah, didn’t expect that answer myself.


Audio or Paperback?




Horror or Romance?


Both at once.


Phew! Okay that was fun!


Great questions! I enjoyed them.