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DO YOU POSSESS A WINNING COMBINATION OF THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE, PRACTICAL SKLLS AND RAW INTELLIGENCE? DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO LEAD OTHERS? ARE YOU WILLING TO CRUSH THOSE WHO STAND IN YOUR WAY? Every year, the United Commonwealth invites top graduates from each colony to participate in The Testing. Successful candidates will go on to the University and help the government work to rebuild our war-stricken world. This process is not optional. Disclaimer: The United Commonwealth is not responsible for candidates’ psychological or physical heath during The Testing.


My Review.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up this book.  I mean nearly every dystopian tale gets compared to the Hunger Games these days.  Don’t get me wrong I loved the Hunger Games but I don’t want to read different versions of the same story and I was a little apprehensive at first with this one but decided, based on all the glowing reviews, that I’d give it a try.  I loved the cover too-all shiny and silver.  It caught my eye and looks great on my book shelf – Ahem yep I am a cover junkie. Anyway I was soon sucked into Cia’s world and Joelle Charbonneau does a fantastic job of creating that world.  There were enough hooks and action to keep me flipping pages until the end. I loved Cia’s strength and her determination.  I enjoyed her narrative and felt like I was totally in her head. The only thing that fell a little flat for me was the romance.  I just didn’t really feel the connection but then I think it was probably because there was so much other stuff going on to keep me entertained.  Despite the romance not giving me tingles I felt this book was a great start to a fab series and have already ordered book two – Independent Study. Can’t wait to get stuck in.


A wonderful  * * * * from me!

The Mummy or Ramses The Damned by Anne Rice


Book Title: The Mummy or Ramses The Damned.

Author: Anne Rice

This was my introduction to the work of Anne Rice. I have been wanting to read her stuff for some time. So I started here.

From the very first page I was captivated by this story. The writing was delicious, the descriptions beautiful, the attention to detail/historic detail amazing.

Ramses The Damned wakes up, being an immortal being, in the 20th Century to find a very different world around him from the one he left behind in the days of Ancient Egypt. I don’t really want to say anything as I don’t want to spoil any of the story. Just read it. Horror, murder, romance and a deep sadness cutting through it, this book is a wonderful journey through early 20th Century London and Egypt.

I loved every moment.

Highly recommended! *****

Angelfall by Susan Ee



Book Title: Angelfall

Author: Susan Ee


Angelfall is a post apocalyptic novel featuring a strong female lead, trying to survive in a world almost destroyed by the wrath of vengeful Angels. From the first page the reader is thrown headfirst into Penryn’s world.  The fear, the adrenaline and the heart pounding interactions with an Angel both beautiful yet terrifying.  Follow Penryn on a journey through the wastelands of a world ravaged by the wrath of Angels as she tries to rescue her seven-year old sister from their clutches. Aided through a tenuous alliance with a wounded Angel she moves closer to her goal.  The finale is both terrifying and full of hope.

I cannot wait for the second book in this fantastic new series!


Very highly recommended *****


Title: Beautiful Disaster

Author: Jamie McGuire

I took a break from my preferred genre of Urban Fantasy and picked this book up because the blurb sounded interesting.  Amazon reviewers had also given it glowing reviews and I was curious.  As soon as I began to read it I was lost in the story.  I was living Abby’s life, falling in love with Travis and laughing and crying along with the characters.  By the time I came to the end, much too soon for my liking, I was breathless.  This is a book for all the people in the world who believe in true love and its power to heal and survive despite the odds.  The idealist in me revelled in this story, cheering the two main characters on and alternated between wanting to shake them and give them a hug.

Highly recommended *****


Title: Destiny Binds

Author: Tammy Blackwell.

Tammy Blackwell is an exciting new voice in the YA paranormal fiction genre.  Destiny Binds is her first self published book in the Timber wolves series available on Amazon Kindle now.  It’s a fast paced, witty, rollercoaster ride of a book.  I was hooked from the first page and finished it in one sitting! I immediately fell in love with all the characters and the plot kept me guessing.  If you like YA fiction and shifters then buy this, you won’t be disappointed.