Welcome Dulcet Deidre!

Hi peeps!

We recently decided to take the leap from print to audio, yep Crimson Midnight is in production and being turned into an audio book! Audio you cry! Who could possible put the voice to Crimson Midnight? Who could step into Rose’s epic shoes…well we bleedin found her! Okay so-

There is a knock at the door.

Cassidy: Amos get the door, that’s her! fluffs the cushions.

Amos opens the door and the room is filled with light and the scent of chocolate.

2015-05-19 15.15.32

Cassidy: Welcome to our humble corner of the net Deidre.

Deidre: Good to be here.

Amos: Busts out the biscuit tin and pours Deidre a cup of coffee, just the way she likes it.

Cassidy: Thanks so much for joining us. Okay, peeps, we are gonna get started with the interview.

Amos: Deidre, tell everyone a little about yourself, how long have you been recording book audios?

Deidre: Hello! My name’s Deidre … I’m 41, native Bostonian who got smart and moved to Florida 3 years ago. I’m married to the most amazing woman on the face of the planet (I know, I’m so sorry for stealing her … but I’m not giving her up) and we have a son, serving in the US Air Force (when did he grow up? Who told him he had permission?) I’m a little bit of a coffee junkie and I talk about my cats … a lot.

Just between us, I’ve really only just recently become involved with book audio production. I’ve toyed with the idea of making the leap over to audiobooks for some years now but it was always one of those “Hey I should do that some day” types of daydreams. Recently, I realized I’ve waited long enough and it was time to throw my proverbial hat into the ring. I was inspired by several friends who are both audiobook producers unto themselves and several authors who write beautifully.

So I started my In The Closet Studio (http://intheclosetstudio.com) and here I am! (because yes, my recording studio IS in a closet … a nice, spacious closet, but a closet nonetheles

Amos: Have you done any other kind of audio work?

Deidre: I have, actually. Let me tell you a story … about, oh 8 years ago or so, I was working in the corporate world when I had a massive health scare (apparently one should not sustain oneself on nothing but coffee and Marlboros for 18 hours a day … who knew?). I took stock of what I was doing and what I WANTED to be doing after having a heart attack at the ripe old age of 32 and I realized, I wanted to do something that I could be self-employed, have my own schedule and be able to stay home with my wife and son. I poked around a little and someone suggested to me that I look into doing entertainment work on the telephone. I was shocked but I gave it a whirl.

I’ve not looked back since. It’s a great industry to get a wide range of experience for vocal talent as well as really connecting with people to help them learn about themselves. I have recorded customised audio scripts for clients and enjoyed many conversations on the telephone, engaged in one on one attention

Cassidy: Wow! Talk about turning things around! I would love to continue to write at home and be there for the kids. So you’ve been doing audio work for a while do you have any funny stories from your audio work history that you can share with us?

Deidre: Sadly, I do not have any funny stories yet but I promise … I’ll screw something up royally eventually and we can all have a laugh!

Cassidy: I’ll hold you to that Elpha – sorry inside joke. Moving on do you obviously read a lot when you are recording, but do you like to read in your spare time, and if so what kind of stuff do you enjoy?

I’m a voracious reader. When I was a girl, my father used to read to me all the time, starting with The Lord of the Rings trilogy so that started my kick. I’ll pretty much read anything as long as it’ll hold still long enough for me to get my eyes on it. I don’t really want to say I have a preference for any single genre over another because it’s the story that I want to lose myself in, not necessarily limiting what I read because it’s one style or another. But lately, I’ve found myself getting into quite a bit of dystopian and urban fantasy reads … also, I have a secret obsession with zombies! (I know, utterly cliché of late but I can’t help it!)

Amos: Well we can keep you stocked up on those easily. Ooo I have a good question! If you could have done the audio for any book which one would it be and why?

Deidre: This is going to sound corny as hell … but I’d LOVE to do The Hobbit. Like I said before, when I was growing up my father used to read Lord of the Rings to me on weekend when I’d go visit. He lived in a “weekend dad” kind of a house with 3 other men who had visitation with their kids, who were all about the same age as I was and on Saturday nights, we’d all tuck in on the couch and my father would read Lord of the Rings to us, along with the other dads. It’s a great memory I have from my childhood and something that I’d have loved to do for my son but I didn’t meet him until he was 9 years old and well passed “bedtime stories”.  I do, however, have a nephew that is just the right age … and a niece who will soon be of age to start reading to and I’d love to do that for them.

Cassidy: Okay, a fun question now, if you were stranded on a desert Island what three things would you not be able to do without?

My coffee, my coffee mug and my Kindle.  (everyone always remembers the coffee but very few people remember the mug. Coffee can’t help you if you don’t have a vessel to drink it from!) Because I am caffeinated for the safety of those around me … and if a rescue is going to be attempted, I’d want to not terrify the rescue personnel and have them leave me behind!

Amos: Good choice! But I think I’d have to bring my boyfriend with me too.

Cassidy: And a tin of biscuits!

Amos: God yes! Nah, three things would not be enough.

Cassidy: Well that’s Deidre everyone!  If you are looking for audio work then this is the woman for you and she does a mean British accent too!

Amos: You can contact Deidre at intheclosetstudio.com and you can stalk-I mean follow her at intheclosetstudio.tumblr.com and twitter

We’re off to eat cake now and get caffeinated. See you soon all!


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