Announcement – Goodbye, Indie Author Land…

Hi, everyone 🙂

Okay, so we have an announcement to make. We have removed all our work from publication. It is time, we feel, to keep pestering literary agents with our manuscripts, go down the traditional path and all that jazz. We’re rebooting, so to speak. But we’ll still be around. This blog will still be active and we’ll continue to promote and discuss all things indie author – we know how much hard work it is.

We have loved the ride and enjoyed self-publishing so much, but we want to go down this path now. We are working on another novel – a fantasy – which we are very excited about! And we have work out there doing the rounds with literary agents.

Massive thanks for all the love and support. Keep watching the skies for our books to come in the future.

Big love and hugs to all of you xxx

Amos and Cassidy 

About amoscassidy

Hello, we're Amos Cassidy, a pair of budding writers with imaginations that won't quit and a bunch of stories waiting to be told. So we write, one tale at a time. Come peek into our heads, yeah, its a little cluttered but by no means boring. We hope you enjoy your visit. Amos Cassidy

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