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Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Science Fiction and Fantasy  (cover design by Angel Creations)


Two short stories in one book, one science fiction and one fantasy.

“Your Daughter is  Marrying an Alien” (originally published by Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, November 2011) is set in the year 2080. Simple farmer Lloyd Hodgkin suddenly learns from his wife, Dorothy, that their only child is engaged, and not to the boy-next-door.

“Willimede’s Quest” is the story of a young female guard on a quest to find an elixir that will keep her queen alive. Pursued by hunters, she seeks sanctuary at a castle where she must convince a king that she is who she says she is. But the mystical object she possesses may be enough to buy her safety.


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Here’s an excerpt from “Your Daughter is Marrying an Alien”:

In the year 2080, many things have changed, although some things remain the same.  For example, astrophysicists have proven that worm holes actually exist, and visits have been exchanged between Earth and two inhabited planets just beyond our solar system.  The two international broadcasting networks are racing to complete television specials on the lifestyles of our newly-discovered friends.  On the other hand, people still like to kick back on warm summer evenings and enjoy the breeze.

Early evening is farmer Lloyd Hodgkin’s favourite time of day.  He and his wife of twenty-six years, Dorothy, leave the dirty dishes for the droid to clean up while Lloyd grabs an ice-cold beer and joins Dorothy on the porch swing.  From there he can look out across fields farmed by generations of Hodgkins and listen to Dorothy chat about her day.  Their only child and the apple of her father’s eye, Sunni, is working as a lifeguard at a nearby Lake Huron beach, and she comes home for supper every Sunday like clock-work.  Life is pretty good, alright.

“You’d never guess, dear – Sunni dropped by for a visit this morning,” Dorothy says.

“You don’t say.  How come she came home today – it’s only Wednesday.”

“She had news that just wouldn’t wait until Sunday.”

“Uh huh?”

“Oh Lloyd, it’s so exciting.  She’s fallen in love and she’s going to get married!”

“What?  Get married?  Who to – not that twit she brought home last Christmas?  That jackass was up half the night writing his precious little poems and smoking wonky grass – remember we found out he’d been calling his Italian agent on our satellite line?”

“No, Lloyd, not him.  Calm down, now.  She met someone else.”

“Thank heaven.  Where’d she meet this new guy – at school?”

“No, she met him at the beach this summer.”

“Oh crap, not at the beach.  Who is this bum?  Does he have a job?”

“Yes, Lloyd – actually, a very good job.  He’s a scientist.”

“What kind of a scientist?”

“Some kind of chemist, I think.”

“A chemist, eh?  That’s not bad money.  But you said she met him this summer?  That’s awfully fast – she’s only been at the beach for two months.  What’s a chemist doing at the beach?   Is he on vacation?”

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Author Cathy Spencer


I’m a Canadian author currently living in Calgary with my actor/singer husband and two cats. I wrote my first novel five years ago and intend to keep writing as long as the old brain synapses are still firing.

E-publisher Books We Love has published all three of my novels, two of them historical romances set in the regency period, and one a contemporary mystery, the first in the Anna Nolan series. I’m currently working on the sequel, Town Haunts, and intend to release it in 2013.

My latest venture is the publishing of two e-book short story collections with Amazon Kindle and my own publishing company, Comely Press. The short stories are mystery, science fiction, and fantasy, and each of the Tall Tales Twin-Packs includes a story previously published by a literary magazine.

Connect with me online:


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