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Louise Wise




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JOURNEY TO THE PAST… A tale of romance and survival as three people travel from 2236 to the beginning of time. Jennifer Daykin joins the three-man crew to explore the newly discovered planet, Eden. All was going well until Jenny found herself deserted… She listened for an answering shout – there was nothing. In the distance, Jenny was transfixed with horror as the space shuttle rose into the blue sky of Eden. ‘No… Don’t leave me here ‘ Only the pounding of her heart answered her. …but not alone The instant she hit the floor she curled into the foetal position. Finally, the bare feet walked away. A Native American warrior, had been her first thought, but it was his eyes that had alerted her he wasn’t an Indian or even human. They were completely black; black, dry orbs in a battered face. Ordinary people with ordinary emotions, fears and insecurities. Only this isn’t Earth, and he isn’t human. A modern day Adam and Eve.


My Review:


I don’t usually read sci-fi and picked this book up on a whim and I am so glad that I did. I totally fell in to the world that Louise Wise created. From the first page I was hooked and didn’t stop reading until midnight, and then only because I had finished. The planet Eden was vividly and atmospherically described, the characters were well-developed and the plot, although simple, had me hooked. I loved Fly and enjoyed the fact that we were allowed glimpses into his head. Jenny was a strong female lead with an abundance of courage.
This book has gone on to my favourites list and I would highly recommend it!


My Rating: ***** 5 stars!


If you have a craving for some dystopian sci-fi, or you just feel like being transported to a different planet, then check out this book! Available on Amazon UK and US.



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