March is almost over and as I sit here reflecting over the past few weeks I’m wondering if I have possibly developed a stomach ulcer from all the stress.

What with my husband at home recovering from an operation and my youngest daughter sick and off nursery for two weeks, I’ve had to do some major juggling to fit writing book 2 into my schedule.  Who said being a housewife and mum of two would be all coffee, soaps and biscuits…oh yeah my husband, in fact I think he still believes that’s all I do! Thank god he didn’t contract a case of the ‘man flu’ this month otherwise I might have had to throttle him! To top things off, while searching for a pair of undies to wear I came across one of my pre baby bloomers – a size 10! (I’m now a size 12-14 UK size) anyway for some reason my sleep deprived stress addled brain decided this was a sign that I needed to get back into shape!  For the past week I’ve been eating Weetabix and half a banana for lunch! I think my digestive system has gone into shock from the lack of sugary snacks!

All I can say is good riddance March and helllooo April, may you bring a healthy household, a good nights sleep and a less rotund bottom!


Well, March for me saw the continuation of my addiction to Dynasty. I’ve been collecting the dvds and indulging in some fabulous 80’s Prime Time Soap Action! It is so delightfully lavish and OTT with killer one-liners (mostly delivered by the fabulous Joan Collins as Alexis) and wonderful outfits. Dynasty is a delicious guilty pleasure that I just cannot get enough of.

I’m looking forward to April. I don’t know why, I just think April seems cool – like a really interesting character you’d like to sit down and have a beer/whiskey with and talk about anything and everything. Yeah, April is a cool cat 😉

Cutting down on the sugary snacks – yeah, me too! Not easy. Nothing better than a nice slab of chocolate or a Bakewell Tart. One is not going cold turkey though! Not possible!

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