Easter break means kids are at home and the few hours off us mums have are cruelly ripped away.  There are trips to arrange to occupy the kids and extra housework due to the extra time they have to make a mess.  Despite this, however, I have enjoyed my time with the brats…Um I mean little darlings.  I do not feel exhausted, or look an un-groomed mess, and I certainly am not crying silently out for some ‘me time’. Mums out there will know that parenting comes with sacrifices to that quiet cup of coffee and biscuit, to those long bubble baths and naughty glass of wine.  Thank god for grandparents eager to whisk the kids away for some outing or other, and curse them for filling the kids full of sweets, chocolates and all sorts of treats which means they are bouncing off the walls when they get home. Okay so it may sound like I am having a moan but that is a mother’s prerogative, because despite the whingeing I wouldn’t trade my little angels for anything.

Roll on back to school!!!!

Love from Cassidy x x x

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Hello, we're Amos Cassidy, a pair of budding writers with imaginations that won't quit and a bunch of stories waiting to be told. So we write, one tale at a time. Come peek into our heads, yeah, its a little cluttered but by no means boring. We hope you enjoy your visit. Amos Cassidy

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